StoryCorps Project

The San Luis Obispo County SELPA has partnered with the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and completed a StoryCorps Project for people living with and supporting those who have disabilities.


Listening is an act of love.

You can listen to the following tracks by clicking on them. Please be patient while they download to your computer.

Track 1
Introduction: Dave Isay/Jill Heuer

Voices of Those with Disabilities

Track 2
Sarah Lynn Wright/Kevin Vidal

Track 3
Johnathan Emerson/Brian Miller

Track 4
Phillip Dunn/Jeanne Fenneman

Track 5
Jason Oates/John Gange

Dare to Dream: Stories of Joy and Inspiration

Track 6
Janet Anderson/Anne Davies

Track 7
Pearl Veesart /Jill Heuer

Track 8
Mitchel Watterson/Debbie Watterson

Grief and the Road to Acceptance

Track 9
Donna Greer/Kathleen Greer

Track 10
Rebecca Lilley/Pam Munns

Track 11
Tom Waylett/Rose Gorman

Stories from Educators

Track 12
Jill Heuer/Loretta Butterfield

Track 13
Loretta Butterfield/Jill Heuer