Governing Committees

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a group of parents, educators and community members appointed by their district governing board. The CAC meets regularly to discuss topics of interest to parents and community members concerning the educational needs of children with disabilities in San Luis Obispo County. The CAC serves as an advisory body to the SLO SELPA director regarding the development and review of the Local Plan, as well as any policy additions or revisions.

Meeting Schedule/Agendas/Minutes

Governance Council

The governing body of the SELPA is the SELPA Governing Council that is composed of the superintendents as the designated representatives of the LEAs comprising the SELPA. Policies and procedures adopted by the Governing Council provide direction for all aspects of the SELPA, including uniform practices to be used by all LEAs in the provision of special education programs and services as outlined in the Local Plan.

Meeting Schedule/Agendas/Minutes