Local Plan:

The San Luis Obispo County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) was formed under the authority of Section 56200 of the State of California Education Code. All of the LEAs located in San Luis Obispo County and the county office of education hereby form a multi-district/county SELPA. The LEAs and the county office of education join together in the adoption of the Local Plan in order to ensure access to special education services for all individuals with exceptional needs ages birth to 22 who reside in the geographic area served by these LEAs. In adopting the completed Local Plan, each participating LEA and the county office of education (Local Education Agencies or LEAs) agrees to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned to it within the Local Plan.





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While the SELPA office makes every effort to ensure all information on the webpage is current, policies and procedures are revised throughout the year as federal and state regulations change. Any change to the SELPA Local Plan and SELPA Procedures Manual requires an approval process. This approval process is in place to ensure all our SELPA members have an opportunity to thoughtfully review revisions. If you have a question or concern about information on the website, please feel free to contact the SELPA office at any time. This webpage is updated and revised on a regular basis.


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